IndiVidual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy: One-on-one therapy.

Building a new relationship focused solely on individual growth and change can be inspiring. This modality of therapy is helpful for those searching for more, and looking to find motivation within themselves, I will help you develop skill to cope with whatever you may currently be experiencing. Some topics and methods of therapy may cause distress, and bring about very frustrating experiences for an individual. The awareness of these distressing areas will hopefully provide insight to strengthen your foundation.

couples psychotherapy

Couples Psychotherapy: Partner therapy.

Partners in a relationships may seek therapy to prepare for marriage, to cope with a loss in the family, to deal with conflicts pertaining to cohabitation, to deal with issues related to intimacy and sexual behaviors, and a host of other relationship topics. Whatever one is seeking to resolve, couples therapy can be an empowering place to confront some issues that may have been difficult to address previously. I provide a safe and secure space where each individual in a relationship can feel understood by a truly neutral party.

As with individuals, topics discussed and methods used may cause feelings of distress and frustration. Awareness and acknowledgment of this can be beneficial in a client's progress.




I enjoy supporting individuals on their journey towards clinical licensure by providing individual supervision. Supervision is a collaborative process, where both the supervisee and the supervisor have active roles. I have the ability to provide supervision to social workers and professional counselors working towards obtaining their license in the State of Illinois.


I have experience conducting trainings around a variety of topics, and am always looking to expand my knowledge base.  I can assist in presenting as an external resource wherever there is a need. Please reach out to me if you feel that you or others could benefit from this service.